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What is your turn around time? 

Our standard expectation is a maximum 2-3 weeks for shipping (although it is generally faster), and then additional times for delivery. 
Delivery within Canada is standard 3-5 business days (this can change in the case of holiday shopping rushes or pandemics. The shop owner is not responsible for delays within the postal service). To the USA collars arrive within 5-7 business days (with the same potential issues as stated above). International times vary greatly but can be upwards of 2-3 weeks. 

What are your collars made of? 

Our standard collars (unless specifically stated) are made of many layers. Our strength comes from a heavy duty Polypropelene webbing that is marine grade so it won't absorb and hold onto moisture like a traditional nylon collar. The webbing has a supporting cast of high quality strong hardwares, and the care and reinforcement placed in our stitching. Our softness comes from a silky satin charmeuse that helps to reduce the friction on dogs necks, which can lead to matting and balding. And our beauty and fun that tops them all off come from high quality cottons, jacquard ribbons, sari trims, and Portugal cork. All of these things come together to create a collar that is as beautiful as it is strong. 

About metal buckle break loads. 

The metal buckles used in our collars are produced for the use in dog collars. Our supplier provides the following informations regarding tensile strength/ break load. The supplier indicates all buckles used for our collars as having a break load of 100kg. 

  • The value expresses when the product breaks.
  • The testing device is not certified/calibrated and the data is only indicative.
  • We usually use 2-3 pieces for each test. The difference between the pieces can be up to 20 %, depending on the specific material. For example, steel products have smaller differences than zinc die-casted products.
  • In tests, the tear-breaking strength is measured by direct pull. In practice, however, the tensile forces on the collars are halved. When selecting, then, you can actually count on nominal breaking strength doubled. Applies only to buckles and slides used on collars.

What is a martingale? 

Martingale Collars are considered the standard for Sighthounds who require the two loop design largely due to their unique neck-to-head sizing. 
Martingale Collars are made from a large adjustable main loop that fits around the dogs neck, and a small “control loop” which has the D-Ring attached for clipping to a leash.
Martingale Collars are also used in the training of all breeds of dogs as the control loop will tighten when pulled by the dog, or by the handler during correction.
Martingale collars do not come standard with a buckle closure. A buckle can be added to your martingale for an additional cost. 
For safety reasons, it is recommended that Martingale Collars not be left on while unsupervised as they can become a strangulation hazard if the dog gets the collar snagged.

Always remember, a martingale is at its most effective when sized and adjusted correctly. 


How do I know what size to select? 

Measure. Measure. Measure. 
Follow the below graphic to get the 3 very important measurements for a martingale collar. Once the 3 places of measured select the collar size range that contains your measurements best. For example my greyhounds measurements are: 
1. 13"
2. 16"
3. 13" 
So for him, I would select a size Medium (13-17")


What's your return policy? 

Because each of our collars is made to order, we do not accept returns. Exchanges CAN be made, however the customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to the shop owner, and the additional postage to get the order back to the customer as well as any potential size or hardware changes or mistakes. 


Where are you located? 

RooRoo Couture is an online store that is based in the Kitchener Waterloo area in Ontario Canada. 

Do you have a store front? 

At this time, RooRoo Couture does not have a brick and mortar store to sell our collars, although I am more than happy to arrange for porch pickup for individuals in the Kitchener Waterloo area.